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1Win Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is your guide to how we handle your information across all things: the official website, 1win apk, and all the fun stuff they unlock (let’s call them “Services” for short!).

Think of your “Personal Data” as all the details you entrust to us: full name, address, gameplay history, even those support chats! This policy explains how we securely store and use this info, and how you can always stay in control of it. 

Keeping things fresh! We might need to update this Privacy Policy from time to time, either by adding, removing, or tweaking some details to stay on top of things. For major changes, we’ll give you a heads-up via email or platform notifications. But hey, you’re always welcome to check back here anytime for the latest info!

Get acquainted with the 1win privacy policy.

1Win Collection of Personal Data

When you join the one win, you trust us with some info! This includes things you share directly (like your name and email) and things we gather during your play (game history, for example). This policy breaks down how we handle both, giving you total control over your data.

Information Provided by the Client

Openness is key at 1Win! During 1win register, verification, and support interactions, we might need you to share certain details or documents. This helps us keep your account secure, prevent fraud, and comply with legal requirements. Remember, you’re always in control of what information you share!

Automatically Collected Personal Data

Your privacy is always in focus! While you play, we might use technology like cookies or analytics to collect some info about your preferences. This helps us personalize your experience and make sure everything runs smoothly and securely. We might also get some info from trusted partners or public sources, always with your privacy in mind. It’s all about 1Win the best possible place for you!

Openness is our game! We collect some info during your 1Win adventures, like your IP address or how you use our features. This helps us improve things and figure out what makes you tick. Think of it as a friendly chat that helps us create an even more awesome gaming experience for everyone!

Where the Personal Data May Be Shared

  • Family Matters: Sometimes, we might need to share your info with our group companies for internal administrative purposes.
  • Following the Rules: If the law requires it, or to protect ourselves legally, we might need to share your info with authorities like courts or regulators.
  • Helping Hands: We work with trusted partners like payment processors and marketing agencies to provide you with the best possible experience. They might need some of your info to do their job.
  • Introductions and Consent: If someone referred you to us, we might share some basic information with them about your registration. But remember, we’ll only share anything else with your permission!

International Data Transfers

Your info might take a trip! Sometimes, we need to send it to other countries for things like data storage or processing. These countries might have different privacy laws, but don’t worry, we take extra care to keep your info safe and secure wherever it goes.

But remember, we follow strict Indian data protection laws and use top-notch security measures to keep it safe and sound, no matter where it goes.


  • Your data is our top priority! We do everything we can to keep it safe and secure, like building a high-tech vault for your information.
  • Privacy, locked and loaded! We use fancy tools and strict rules to ensure only authorized people can access your info, and it’s always encrypted while traveling or resting.
  • Fort Knox for your data! Our super-secure servers are like fortresses, guarded by 24/7 monitoring and top-notch security measures. We always have backups, just in case!

Editing, Deleting and Storing of Personal Data

Your data, your rules! You can choose what info stays and what goes. Edit your details, delete chat messages, or even say goodbye to your account entirely. It’s all up to you!

We take privacy seriously. When you say “delete,” we mean it! Your info vanishes from our servers or is disguised beyond recognition.

Openness is key. We keep some things on file for 5 years after you leave, just in case the law needs us to. But don’t worry, it’s all anonymous and used only for legal stuff.

Storing Personal Data for a Long Time

  • Keeping things fair and safe: Sometimes, we might need to hold onto some of your info for longer than usual. This helps us keep things responsible, prevent fraud, and follow the rules.
  • We respect your privacy: Even if you say goodbye to your account, we might keep some basic info for a while, like if you self-excluded yourself for responsible gaming reasons. But don’t worry, it’s all anonymous and used only for legal stuff or to protect everyone from bad actors.
  • Open book with you: We follow all the data protection laws, like GDPR, to ensure your info is always safe and treated responsibly.

Users’ Rights

  • Think of your data as a toolbox. You can peek inside, fix the tools, or even swap them out. You can also decide how they’re used and when to put them away.
  • Imagine your info like a travel diary. You can read it, edit it, and even get a copy for yourself. You can also tell us where you want it to go, or ask us to keep it locked away.
  • Closing your account is like checking out of a hotel. We might keep some records for a while, but you can always request to have your room cleaned and belongings returned!

Use of Google Analytics

  • Website whisperer! We use Google Analytics to learn how people use our site, like which pages are popular and how visitors navigate. This helps us make things better for everyone!
  • No secrets here! Your personal info stays private. We only use Google Analytics to see general trends, not who you are or what you do.
  • Curious about cookies? They’re tiny files that remember your visits and help us improve your experience. You can always disable them in your browser if you prefer.

SSL Encryption

  • Imagine SSL as a super-secure tunnel for your data. It’s like sending messages in a secret code that only authorized people can understand.
  • Think of the 256-bit key as a giant vault key. It’s so complex that even the most skilled code-crackers would need centuries to unlock it!
  • We treat your data like a treasure chest. We use a fancy lock and a super-long key to keep it safe, so you can focus on the fun, not your information’s security.